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Sunday, 6-Aug-2006 00:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Snow Angel!!!!!!
Snow Angel

Saturday, 5-Aug-2006 15:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Anderson's First Missing Tooth!

Look Ma, I lost my tooth!
Toothless grin on display!
Very handsome boy tooth missing in all!
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Anderson was so excited about loosing his first tooth he even let me photograph him without any complaints. Simon wanted in on the excitement. He wants to do everything his brother does.

Wednesday, 26-Jul-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Jack's First Trip to Maine! 2006

Mom, do we live in this car??
Uncle Peter's house!
Smiley! Waiting at Ferry Terminal.
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Jack's first trip to is a special trip for lots of reasons. This is where he first began or one would say was "begot". Nana drove with him and his Mom Ann-Lis to N.H. and then he went to visit Dan and Amy Alexander, from there to see Aunt Joan and Marie in Kittery-York, and then to visit Stephanie and her kids Tucker and Sophie. Finally he met up again on the Dumont farm in Maine with Nana and Poppa, and Uncle Peter and his fiancee Megan.

It was fun....he went to visit his cousins, the Charlands, and then headed for Cliff Island on the ferry. He spent a whole week there, enjoying the ocean air and visiting Cliff Island folk, everyone was happy to meet him. They love babies on the island. Other newcomers were Rufus MacVane, little Rosie (Thall?), Colton Little, Liam...and lots of other older kids too.

He loved sitting on the porch with Nana and Mommy, swinging in the hammock and watching the seagulls and waves on the rocks. Unlce Owen came to meet him too, and also a visit from Amy Ericson.

Jack was a year he will be walking and it will be a job watching him every minute.

Wednesday, 26-Jul-2006 01:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Visit with the Charlands in Maine!!!

A group photo, two little ones missing.
Armand was so taken with his cousin Baby Jack.
Please MOMMY can I have a baby brother!!!
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What fun to visit our nephew John Charland's family while we were in Maine. They have a summer home there in Fairfied. Lou and children Amaris, Armand, Abigail and Amelia. What a crew of adorable children. Armand is our godson, so he is very special to us. Carl, Ann-Lis, Baby Jack and myself went to visit before we went to Cliff Island.


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